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Vista Pure Water Purification

Patients do not tend to think twice about the water being used to rinse out their mouth and sterilize instruments—and nor should they. That’s our job! At Acree & Isenhower Family Dentistry, our number one priority is making sure our patients receive the very best in dental care. To achieve a high level of care, we must monitor every detail—from the practice of cutting-edge techniques, down to the water filtration system. In fact, water purification is the unsung hero of the dental office, which is why we invested in a Vista Pure water purification system.

Why is Water Purification necessary?

Water purification is the process of removing undesirable or potentially harmful contaminants from water. The goal is to sterilize the water by eliminating biological microorganisms, chemicals, gases, and suspended debris. In dentistry, purified water is a way of combating the presence of waterborne opportunistic pathogens that can lead to health complications. Many of these pathogens can be found in “biofilm.”

Biofilm is a community of bacterial cells and other microbes that coats the surface of virtually every place where moisture meets a suitable surface. Biofilm can also contain fungi, algae, nematodes, and protozoa. Many of these microbial colonies produce a layer of protective “slime” that keeps cells from chemical and physical threats. Although biofilm can form in almost any wet environment, dental waterlines pose a particularly opportune setting. The thin tubes of a traditional delivery system that connect water syringes, ultrasonic scalers, and other handpieces provide a high surface-area-to-volume ratio. Low flow rates and periods of stagnation also encourage the growth of bacteria within these tubes. Over time, the output water may be more contaminated than tap water from the faucet. This is why a water purification system is essential.

Infection associated with contaminated waterlines tends to be rare; however, it may put elderly or immunocompromised patients at unnecessary risk. Healthy individuals do not need to be concerned with any microorganisms within the waterlines, especially with the use of the Vista Pure water purification system.

Dr. Acree, Dr. Isenhower and our team are trained professionals educated in biofilm formation and appropriate maintenance protocols. Rest assured, your procedure will be performed with devices that are diligently maintained.

Why Vista Pure?

The Vista Pure water purification system is one of the best filtration systems on the market. With Vista Pure, we can achieve two grades of high-quality water for autoclaves (sterilization units), ultrasonic cleaners, dental bottles, and instrument washers. Water purifiers, like Vista Pure, operate through a series of pre-filters and hyper-filtration elements to efficiently and economically distill water.

Vista Pure is also a self-contained system, meaning it is easy to keep the waterlines clean and maintain the proper quality. By isolating the unit from the municipal water supply, we have much more control. Vista Pure makes easy for us to ensure you receive purified water, precisely when and where you need it!

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